Sale and Rental Prices
and Information
Rental  and Sale Pricing                                                To Rent                         To Buy

Carriages  Cinderella / Princess                                

                Large Style or 6 cake stand                      195.00                        750.00

                Small Style                                                150.00                        599.00

Sleigh Stand                                                                        75.00                        400.00

French Elegance Stand                                                        75.00                        400.00

Branch / Vine Stand                                                              75.00                        400.00       

Scroll Style                                                                            75.00                        400.00
Deposits  and Booking fee

        These fees is for covering : booking , cleaning , damage  and security  for  non - returned  items.

         At time of booking,  a 50.00 fee must be paid to hold you date.  It can be applied to your sale/rental fees.  At 60
         days out from your event it is not refundable and your date can not be changed.  Booking is for 12 month time
         frame only and only 2 changes are allowed with in that time.  The 12 months start at the time of booking.

         Full Sale Fee is required 15 days before the event. Deposit or
difference of sale/rental is refunded 7-10 business days   
          after return of items,  less repairs and cleaning
if needed.  Deposit is returned only to the person  who made the
         deposit, or card or bank.  If items are not returned with in the time allowed , it will be viewed as a sale and
          the deposit will not be returned.

       At 60 days and after,  your event is locked in, no refund of booking fee.
       The deposit less rental fee would be returned. .
        Once you have taken your rental items, there is no refund for unused items.  
        Local rental, the returning the items  is  to be done with in 2  business days.  Late fees are 20% per
         day of normal event fees. Items that are shipped, we must have it back with in 15  days after the event
         and we need a tracking Number e-mailed to us.  If the delivery date is after the 15 days it will be refused for
         delivery and returned to you and viewed as a sale item.
      We have no control of shipping after it leaves our hands just as you do not either.  The shippers first date of
       planed delivery is proof to both parties that proper steps where taken.  You expect us as we do you  
       to ship items in a timely manor and the  tracking numbers lets the other know when to expect the shipment.
       The item should always be insured  in case of loss or damage.
 Thank you for your interest. Hope this information is of help.

All our cake stands  are made of all metal.  There is no wood or plastic as some others are.

Large carriage
The larger one rents in our area only.  Out side our area it is a sale item only.     It is about 40 lbs,  needs a 5'
table and can hold a sheet cake of 21" by 26".  The larger one comes with 2 toppers and 2 different wheels
and is ideal for a baker to use to increase business.

Smaller carriage
We  rent and sale the smaller one, as well as ship.  The small stand is made to hold a standard 17" cake plate
and sits on a 4' round table.   It is about 10 lbs

Rental outside our area needing shipping
The rental works like this, using Visa or Master Card you pay sale price  plus shipping.  We ship it to you so it
is delivered 5 to 7 days before the event, and you return it in the same box with a delivery that is no later
than 15 days after your event.  If it is returned in that time frame and is clean and undamaged we credit your
card back the difference of rental and sale price, about 7 to 10 business days after the return.
At time of booking we charge a $50.00 booking fee that is refundable up to 60 days for event date.  At  15
days before shipping,  payment in full must be given.  When shipped we will give you the tracking numbers
so you know when it is to arrive.  
When you return it the new numbers must be given to us.  

Tracking numbers will provide the proof of shipping and delivery
To give you shipping information I need Town, State and Zip.

If you choose to keep it,  then nothing more is needed.

We understand the Deposit is high,  but we do want to get our stands back if ones are only going to rent
  We have to say most brides after they have seen them keep the stand and use it with other events,
for decorations and parties.  We have sent over 18 different stands out and most don't come back.

Special Note :  If you are in an other country OR on the east coast of the USA.  and you do buy our stand, we
can and will put your e-mail on our page IF  you want ones to contact  you about renting or sale of it after
your wedding.  We have had many contacts from other countries and the east coast,  about our stands.  We
offer this because we under stand the need to save where one can and shipping does have a cost.